Biography of LYNNE O’CONNOR

President of ROBINS EGG MULTIMEDIA LLC, Lynne O’Connor, has been working in American small business since the age of six, when she began helping her mother with the family dance studio. Her mother, Robin, had been dancing classically since she was very young. When Robin’s mother died when Robin was only 14 years old, her dance teacher, Marge Soffer and her husband Wally became her legal guardians. Both Marge and Wally had their beginnings in the American entertainment industry during the height of Vaudeville in the 1920s. You could say that entertaining is at the root of Lynne’s heritage.

Robin’s Dance Studio

Lynne began working with her mother in the formation of the family business in 1971, a dance studio, in the family room of their small town home in Carpentersville, Illinois, a suburban village about three hours west of Chicago. Word-of-mouth was their first method of acquiring students, then bulk mail campaigns became de rigeur. Before long they were able to rent a commercial space in Elgin, Illinois, a larger city nearby. Like most little girls, Lynne watched everything her mother did very closely, with an insatiable curiosity, and enthusiastically participated in all aspects of the business, increasing in responsibilities as she got older. The spirit of the American entrepreneur is ingrained in Lynne, and was indoctrinated as Robin’s Dance Studio quickly became a contender as the top dance school in Elgin and the surrounding cities, with over 250 students when it closed operations in 1982, when the family relocated to the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

Arizona State University

Lynne graduated from Larkin High School a year early after completing her last two required courses during the summer of 1982, with grades in the top 3% of her class when her classmates graduated in 1983. By then, Lynne was attending Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Circumstances what they were, Lynne was unaware of scholastic scholarship opportunities to help pay for college and her family was not prepared to provide. Undaunted, Lynne put herself through the four-year university in five and a half years, living on her own and working 30-35 hours a week while carrying a full course load. She spent the first two years in ASU’s School of Engineering studying Computer Science Engineering. While she longed to major in Fine Arts, her strong sense of responsibility (and the need to be sure of sustainable income after she obtained her degree) induced her to begin taking core classes in ASU’s School of Business, and she graduated in December 1987 with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Becoming a Computer Software Technical Writer

Details about Lynne’s work experience can be found in her resume. After a couple of insignificant positions in retail, Lynne landed a job with fledgling computer software company, American Cybernetics, in Tempe, Arizona. As their second employee, Lynne was highly valued for her background in Computer Science and her degree in Marketing. A move to Sacramento, California in 1988 brought her into a position with an insurance administration firm where she was in charge of creating communication policies and procedures documentation. This experience allowed her to later obtain a position as a Technical Writer at Hansen Software.

Adventures in America

While technical writing had its appeal, Lynne had a great curiousity to explore the country. She moved back to Arizona, to be closer to family and the stability that it offered, while she looked for opportunities to see more of the States. She took a break from computers by becoming a professional truck driver in 1996. Driving an 18-wheeler for Dick Simon Trucking, she loved traveling the lower 48, and developed a passion for the Pacific Northwest. A job offer then came from American Cybernetics, where she had gotten her start after college, to coordinate their marketing efforts during a new version rollout of their flagship product. Since then, Lynne has been working in a freelance capacity and as an employee to help businesses to establish an online presence, formulate and implement Internet marketing strategies, and produce engaging, relevant, and high-quality content for the Web and other venues.