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with Adobe Business Catalyst

Rely on secure web hosting from Adobe.

When Adobe Business Catalyst hosts and manages your service, you can forget about installing patches and updates to your server-side software. The Business Catalyst system is updated automatically so that all of your sites have the newest features—worry-free.

Get or keep your own custom domain name.

Whether you already have a domain name, or want to get a new one, you can add it to your new Business Catalyst site after your free trial and receive DNS management service with Adobe.

Easily manage integrated email hosting and webmail.

Set up and manage several email accounts from your Business Catalyst Admin Console. IMAP and POP3 protocols are supported, and a webmail interface allows you to access email from any Internet-connected browser window.

Hosted Content Management System

Online Business Main FeaturesBe in control of the look and feel of your Online Business Solution. With the Business Catalyst one-stop content management system, building and maintaining your website is easy, without constrictive theme frameworks. It’s your choice: use your own HTML/CSS or a pre-built template.

InContext Editing lets you update your content quickly and easily.

With InContext Editing, you can view your website as your customers see it and edit the content right on the page. Simply point, click, and edit. You still have full access to HTML code when you need it.

Site wide templates maintain a consistent look and feel to your site.

We’ll create site wide templates for you so that you can have a consistent, professional design on every page that you create or edit. It’s like a photo frame that wraps around your content to keep the same look and feel on every page. Even new pages that you create on your own will look like the others.

Stay search-friendly and get found online.

Business Catalyst includes out of the box SEO features including search engine–friendly URLs, customizable metatags, 301 redirects, and Google webmaster tools integration.

Customize your site for for mobile access.

You can give your site a custom look and feel for phone and tablet devices. Desktop, tablet, and phone variations can be assigned with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. There's no need to manually add detection code for the latest devices. With a simple system tag, easily render mobile-optimized content for your visitor's device type.

Get social with your customers.

Stay in touch with what your customers want and need. Your Online Business Solution can include unlimited blogs, forums, and RSS feeds. Make sure that your customers are kept current with your business offerings, and show them that you're interested in their ideas and comments.

Control access to your website and functionality.

You can designate any part of your website as a Secure Zone. Assign unique user names and passwords to customers and administrators. Keep information secure and opt to sell Secure Zone subscription access to customers and members.

Modules help you keep organized.

Customizable modules help you to manage announcements, FAQs, bookings, and photo galleries. Use the Web App Wizard to create web applications as you like. ROBINS EGG MULTIMEDIA is happy to help you to design web applications that will give your customers access to the features that they desire.

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Online Business eCommerce FeaturesBusiness Catalyst gives you a SEO-friendly online store, without the need for coding and tedious configuration. Powerful e-commerce capabilities are built in. URLs contain product and catalog names. Google Sitemap XML files are automatically generated. Easily migrate your current database and export data for backup.

Sell anything to anyone.

Create an unlimited number of downloadable eProducts, physical products, or services, organized into catalogs. Ecommerce features include inventory management, shipping dimensions, and product attributes. Download allocation and limitations can be set for digital products.

Target your marketing strategies.

Captured customer information with an integrated Customer Relationship Management system. Maintain a history of customer orders and actions, link targeted Email Marketing to segmented lists, and run loyalty programs.

Offer discounts, referrals, and vouchers.

Boost your profits and achieve better results with sales tools such as discount codes, referral tracking, gift vouchers, and affiliate programs.

Integrate your payment and shipping options.

Turnkey shipping integration includes USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL so that you can sell to an international market. Business Catalyst includes a growing range of payment options and gateways. Easily sell ongoing subscription services and built-in recurrence on physical products when your payment gateway allows for it.

Integrate with QuickBooks and measure your success.

With the QuickBooks Web Connector (v5 and up), you can sync orders with QuickBooks. Powerful reporting and analytics tools help you track product popularity, shopping cart abandonment rates, and more.

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Email Marketing

Online Business Email Marketing FeaturesTarget custom recipient lists and create personalized email marketing campaigns. An integrated CRM maintains your customer database so that you can maximize results and return on investment.

Enable effective, targeted marketing email campaigns.

Your email lists can be built upon the information that is gathered from your online business. Target customers based on order history, blog comments, forum membership, web form submissions, and more. Easily import lists from your other applications and databases.

Reach out to everyone.

Depending on your plan, send as many emails as you want with unlimited email marketing campaigns. Reach out to more of your customers, for less money and in less time.

Automate your email marketing campaigns.

With automated campaigns, you can deliver personalized and professional emails to potential and existing customers. Newsletters series can be automated to be sent over intervals, or linked to specific dates.

Select from a variety of professional templates.

Hundreds of occasion and industry specific email campaign templates are at your disposal. Each can be customized, with full access to HTML code. Send beautiful emails in just a few clicks.

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Customer Relationship Management

Online Business CRM FeaturesYou can better service to your customers with the built-in CRM database. Integration with e-commerce, web form, content management, and membership features make it efficient and easy to use.

Get To Know Your Customers.

With integrated customer relationship management built-in, every interaction your customers have with your business is logged, building their unique profile and history. You can also import any existing customer databases, using Excel spreadsheets.

Watch your customers' activity in a live feed.

Your online business dashboard features a live feed of customer activity, such as placing orders, opening a newsletter and clicking on links, submitting web forms, and more. Search, filter, and manage leads so that you can improve on the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

Customize automated multistep process workflows.

You can set up automatic SMS and email notifications to specific system users to notify them of important events. These workflows can be triggered business-wide to make sure that transactions are verified, issues are escalated as needed, and customers get faster response times.

Centralize your customer and order management processes.

Edit and sort customer details in one, easy to use, central interface. Control and monitor orders, cases, subscriptions, access privileges to always be aware of activity in your online business.

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Reporting & Analytics

Online Business Analytics FeaturesRecord, track, and report on the interactions that customers have with your site. Essential reporting tools that give you an overview of your online business are built in to your Business Catalyst dashboard.

Your finger stays on the pulse of your online business.

The Business Catalyst system provides key metrics, statistics, and analytics so that you can understand every aspect of your online business. The dashboard shows you which pages and products are most popular to help you make smart, quick decisions based on solid and reliable information.

Don't waste your time and money on extra modules or code.

There's no need to manually add tracking codes or purchase add-on modules to monitor performance of your online business. An integrated reporting system provides you with fully functional analytics and reporting tools that you can access every time you log in to your dashboard.

Custom reporting for executives and sales staff.

Get a full overview of performance with customizable on-demand charts and reports. Drill down your performance data and export important information to Excel, CSV, and PDF formatted files.

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