Auto Attendant — Audio Demos

Automated audio on your telephone answering system is often your customer's first impression of your company when they call you for information about your business. The soothing voice of LYNNE OCONNOR is featured here to illustrate the potential of a quality automated attendant recording.

Auto Attendant #1

Automated telephone attendants can also be used behind the scenes. This audio sample was recorded for a hotel chain to provide employees with access to the time clock.

Auto Attendant #2

This is a standard telephone automated attendant for a business, requesting the caller to press numbers corresponding the the extension or department they wish to reach. Spoken in a mild British accent, for sophistication and that European touch.

Auto Attendant #3

This is a humorous take on an automated attendant for a mental health hot line. Please listen at your discretion, as it could be miscontronstrued as serious—but it's not! No insult intended (I have friends and family with mental health challenges, so don't take it the wrong way).

Auto Attendant #4

This is an on-hold message for Flora 2000.